Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hey Guys! Sent 6/2/2014

   Sometimes when I get all your emails, I feel out of the loop....... but then I remember that even before my mission, I was still out of the loop! Haha there's something about communication in our family that's really selective, but I don't mind. I know it will get to me somehow--it just might be a few weeks/months later than everyone else.
   For Instance: Since when is Weston going into the Air Force? Did I know about this? The last time I heard about the military is when he wanted to be an aeronautical engineer..... like 4 years ago.  Does this still mean you'll be going to Lubbock?  Also, I knew that Mom and Dad were going to Europe, but it totally snuck up on me! I don't know how that happened. 
   This week was really fun because we had exchanges. I seriously look at exchanges as an awesome time to work your tail off for 24 hours. You're with a different companion and sometimes a different area.  You just have to commit yourself to be your VERY best.  That's why it's so fun! You get so much done, and you always feel good about the day.  I was with Sister Metcalf again, but we were in my area this time.  We had a blast (as always).  The only trouble was, at night, she got a splitting headache and couldn't fall asleep.  It was pretty bad, but we stayed up for a little bit until it got better.  The only result was, we kinda got our tails kicked by the lack of sleep.  Plus, we had to walk all day. I guess you could say I was kind of tired the next night.
   Another reason this week was weird, was because we flooded our goal for RCLAs (lessons taught to recent converts or less-actives).  Normally we have to work really hard to get any lessons in our area, but this week, they just kept coming! We were kinda confused... "What's going on?" type of thing.  It felt good, though, and more people seem to be progressing.  Also, 2 of our investigators came to church!! Wow. What a week.  One of them we couldn't see, though, because she isn't actually in our ward. Occasionally, someone outside our area will want to be taught by Sister missionaries--such is the case with one of our progressing investigators. It's nice to have people to teach, but at the same time, we wish we could help her more to be a part of the ward. Catch 22.
   Well I think that's about all for this week.  I love you so much. Keep the pictures/videos coming! I love it. I makes me feel like I'm there with you.
Sister Pratt
The New Era!  AWWW!

Sister Capitan accidentally sprayed whipping cream all over her face..... at a members house for dinner.... It's safe to say we were laughing for 15 minutes.

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