Saturday, June 21, 2014

Crazy Week!

   I guess all weeks are crazy to a degree, but this one was just odd. The great thing about missionary work is no matter how crazy it is and no matter what choices other people make, you can always feel accomplished and happy that you've done your part.  I think that is a gift that our Heavenly Father gives to us as missionaries. We don't have to worry about how other people use their agency. We only have to worry about giving them the opportunity to use it. 
   I've realized that is all that missionary work is about. If you think about it--it isn't our right to make decisions for other people or to take away their ability to choose, and when we don't share and invite others, that's exactly what we're doing!  We need to present other people with the opportunity to make those choices about accepting or rejecting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Once we invite or share our faith with others, we have done our part. Even if they don't accept it, we have done our part. We succeed when we invite--not when a friend comes to church or gets baptized or whatever--we succeed when we extend the invitation. 
   Well, that's it for my missionary work lecture for this week. I hope you guys are all having a great time because I sure am! I am so loving life right now! We had 2 lessons on gratitude on Sunday, and I totally soaked them up! I really want to be more grateful in my life.  The lessons were based on a talk by President Uctdorf (I don't remember which one), but he talked about 3 times to be grateful:
1) Being grateful when good things happen--that's the easy part
2) Being grateful on an ordinary day--this one takes a little more focus
3) Being grateful in your trials--this is the hardest part, but if we rely on the Lord, He will help us see the good in EVERYTHING. I know it's true because this has been a crazy week! Haha it really has, and yet, it has been one of the best weeks I have had. It's all about an attitude of gratitude. :)
Love you all!!
Sister Pratt

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