Monday, December 2, 2013

Couldn't be doing better!

Mom and Dad,
     Things are great!  I didn't really have anything particular to say in this letter, but I know that you love hearing from me.  I love hearing from you too!  Thank you so much for your letters and packages.  They mean SO much. 
     I seriously don't think I could be doing better.  There are a few times here and there.  but as you pray for the Spirit, the sadness is (almost) immediately taken away!  One such time happened yesterday.
We went to this lady's house who has been on/off investigating the church.  She's been having a hard time lately, so we thought it would be nice to rake her leaves.  We thought wrong.  After about 10 mins.  her husband came out and basically told us to get off his property.  (He had never been too friendly with the church.)  I was just super sad and embarrassed.  I just felt awful, and one of my comps started talking about how rude he was.  That just made everything worse.  It was hard, but I said a prayer and started to focus again on others.  It works!  I think all the time about the analogy that Dad shared with me before I came out.  You just need to keep going and working, but as soon as you stop and start looking around at all the hard things, you don't think you can continue.  It's probably the best advice I've had.
    One of my new favorite quotes is, "Satan doesn't care if you think too much of yourself or too little--as long as you're thinking of yourself."  That was a paraphrase.
     Everything about Christ is selfless, and everything about the adversary is selfish.  We need to pick who we want to represent.  Anyway, these are my thoughts.  I love you dearly!  Sister Pratt

P.S.  There is one thing I need--a slip.  I don't know how it "slipped" my mind but I don't think I've ever owned one.  Now that I'm basically wearing tights everyday, I really need one to combat static!  If you have any other suggestions, let me know.
PPS  I don't know what your Christmas plans are, but if you love me, you will send me Christmas CDs- specifically the Forgotten Carols--but I'm not picky.  I love you.  Let me know what I can do for the family!

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