Tuesday, November 19, 2013


 This week has been pretty good!! And by that, I mean that it's been amazing! Every week/day is so wonderful when spent in the service of our Lord.  I've found that I get a little burned out with writing between emails, letters, and journal, so I'm sorry if the detail goes down.... 
   The main thing that happened this week, was ZONE CONFERENCE!! WooHoo! It was pretty amazing, especially because our district performed a musical number!! Sister Chen played the piano, and we all sang "Hope of Israel!!" We killed it. Also, Sister Thompson gave a talk that was amazing.  One of the other talks was given by and Elder Schrenk who just came in with me.  As he spoke, we literally sat with our mouths open. He spoke with so much power! It was bizarre how awesome his talk was! Seriously, 2 and 3 days later we were still in awe and would break the silence with, "Wow. Elder Schrenk's talk was SO good." We all think that he'll be called as a General Authority within the next decade.
   Overall, Zone Conference was probably the highlight of the week! I was so uplifted and edified by the messages shared, and I got to bear my own testimony, which always strengthens me.  Our companionship also won the clean car award! $25 to Subway!! WOOHOO!
   A lot of our investigators were out of town this week, but we've been working hard to find more people who want to be taught! I know they're out there, but sometimes it's just hard to talk to everyone.... I'm workin on it! I love you all, and I love the Lord.
   God Speed,
           Sister Pratt
Sister Chen's first time to see/use an ice scraper
studying hard 

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