Monday, December 9, 2013

Well, It's Freezing!

   Literally. Freezing. Right now, it's a whopping 8 degrees, and the high today should be 13!  Woo!! I don't think I've ever been as grateful for anything as I am for our car right now.  4 of the Elders in our district still have to walk everywhere. It's so sad! We wanted to be empathetic, so I made Sister Chen proselyte in the snow for a couple hours the other day. It was brutal.  After that, I made sure all the Elders had good wool socks!  Everyone says Boise hasn't had a winter this bad in like 15 years. I think the weather just knew I was going to be here and wanted to give me a hard time.  The gloves Mom sent me have saved my skin!! Again, literally. Sis Chen went without gloves for a day or so and her hands kept bleeding whenever she knocked on a door.  I gave her an old pair of mine. It sounds like the Texans got a pretty crazy storm this week, too!
   Other news, we got a new ward in the transfer! It's a really nice ward, but we're trying to get the members to be more missionary minded. For now, the Relief Society President is really the only one keeping us busy!  There's always work to do, though.  We're hoping to get the ball rolling pretty soon.  Our other ward doesn't even have a ward mission leader... or ward missionaries... so we're working on that, too.
   A really funny story happened a couple days ago. We were walking around a neighborhood getting to know some people in the new ward.  We approached this man who was getting into his car.  He was a member and said if we go knock on his door, his wife would let us in.  We went up to the door and knocked, but she wasn't answering for a while, so the man called her on the phone (we heard the phone ringing).  Then the door opened, and she looked at us and said, "Sorry, I have to answer the phone.." and closed the door on us.  We were SUPER confused.  Apparently, she thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses, so she didn't bother to invite us in (she's had some negative encounters with them).  When she went and got the phone, it was her husband saying, "Aren't you going to let the Sisters in?" To which she replied, "What Sisters?"  We were cracking up laughing, and she came back really apologetic that she shut the door in our faces!  I don't know if I properly illustrated the situation, but believe me. It was hilarious.
   Yesterday was awesome! Besides going to 5 hrs of church, eating ribs for dinner, and watching the Christmas Devotional with a Less-Active family, Sis Chen and I were able to visit this really special lady.  We got her name from a lady in our ward, and we knew nothing about her.  She is in her early 30s and has just finished very intensive Chemo-therapy.  We stopped by, and she told us she was a member, but stopped going to church when her dad died.  We didn't even get the chance to invite her back--she asked us when the services were! She also has 3 young boys and almost no money for Christmas.  It's really sad, but we were able to lift her spirits with a Holiday message that Grandma sent me in the mail.  She really appreciated it, and we were so excited to help her out. 
   I love this Gospel and the hope that it can bring to all people.
Sister Pratt
 I'm struggling!
 A balloon we got from the Elders
 grits and eggs
 A beautiful sunset!
 snow in the mountains
 Elder Frosty
 snow angels
 Got to break out the awesome hat!
 Cheese Toast with Chopsticks
 What's the white cloth for?  Oh yeah, a dish rag
This is what you get to eat when you're companion is from the other side of the world

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