Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Time is HERE!

  • Christmas time is here!‏

       And with that, no one wants to make appointments with us... kind of counter intuitive, I know, but that's the way people are!  It snowed again a whole bunch, and our car got stuck. It was extremely frustrating. It took us over half an hour to get out--lots of digging and pushing.  We finally called the Dallings to come help us. They drove up, and immediately Sister Dalling asked, "Where is your coat?!"  I responded, "My anger is keeping me warm."  It was one of my more witty moments this week. 
       As punishment for getting our car stuck, I made us walk in the snow for 3 hours. It was the worst idea I've ever had because we forgot the map... we basically walked in circles the whole time.  Also, Sister Chen didn't wear socks. Bad idea. Neither of us could feel our feet at all.  The silver lining might be that we gained more respect for the pioneers and the Elders.

       In other news, we got 2 new investigators this past week! They are both so ready to accept Christ more fully in their lives. We are excited to get to know them better and teach them more.  We also got to go to the mission office for a Missionary Christmas Devotional. It was great! We watched a movie called "Ephraim's Rescue," which was amazing; I totally recommend it.  After that, we had a talent show that I didn't participate in. I missed the boat on that one.  To wrap it all up, we had a devotional with our Mission President. He's such a great guy, and everything he says seems like it's tailored for my needs.
       Merry Christmas!! I'm so excited to open all of my gifts from the family and friends. THANK YOU!

    Sister Pratt

    Someone stole Mom's idea
     Eating a mouse
    Sister Chen

    Sister Chen???

    I decided to sleep on the floor this week!  Awesome!

    All day  E'ry day!

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