Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"Jo, how could you?" "Your one beauty!"

  The above quote is from Little Women, when Jo chops all her hair off. Merry Christmas to me! My hair is gone.  Sister Chen and I got in a fight, and when I fell asleep, she decided to hack my hair off! Just kidding, I asked her to do it. She did a really good job, too! I was telling her she should start charging money.
  We got another new investigator this week, thanks to the Elders.  They found him, but because he's in our ward, we get to teach him! He is a 9 year old boy, and he already wants to be baptized. Sister Chen and I are really excited to get to know him better.
   Christmas was so fun. The members in the ward take care of us so much. We each had like 3 stockings and 3 bags of candy and body wash! It was so nice to know that people were thinking of us and supporting us. One of the families we spent a lot of time with was the Prien's. They have 11 kids, but the oldest is my age instead of the youngest. It was so interesting to see our family dynamic from a completely different perspective. It was so much fun :) We also went Christmas caroling with them to some of their neighbors! I felt so at home.  After that, I made Sister Chen go Christmas Caroling with me for the next 2 days. It was a great way to let people know that we were thinking of them.  I think in total we caroled to about 20 houses! I'm so proud of my companion for sticking it out with me.
   We also gave talks yesterday in church. Sister Chen gave an AMAZING talk with a few classic jokes that had the whole congregation rolling!  Her English is getting so much better, but she doesn't believe me when I tell her.
  Anyway, I love you all!!  Happy New Year! 

Sister Pratt

All of my Christmas presents

Using as many of my presents simultaneously as possible

My new PJs .  Thanks Mom and Dad

The initial shock of no hair was setting in.

It's gone!

Christmas Gangstas!

A Missionary Toga to keep warm

New socks

Candy Cane earings

Did Sister Chen knock this over?

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