Monday, April 14, 2014

Welcome Sister Capitan!

 I apologize in advance for a short letter.  The library is super packed today! Anyway Sister Capitan is my new companion. Fresh from the MTC! She's awesome, and we get along pretty well.  She's actually from the Navajo Reservation down by the 4 corners area.  She wants to work hard, and there isn't anything else I could ask for in a companion.  I think she's adjusting pretty well.
   Thank you all for your encouragement as I start training! It's actually not as hard as I thought because Sister Capitan basically came pre-trained.  She has no problem just jumping into a conversation--which I LOVE.  I was really worried that I wouldn't know what to say or how to teach her, but it comes naturally.  She obviously wouldn't learn everything all at once, so I just help her when unfamiliar situations come up.  I think adjusting to the schedule has been hard for her, but I think all new missionaries struggle with it.  Her body will get used to it.  (early to bed, early to rise.)
   Normally as missionaries, we don't really participate regularly in ward choir, but one of the wards is doing an Easter program, and they deperately needed more voices.  They asked Sister Hatch and I to join, which we did gladly (both of us being singers), but it came as a surprise to Sister Capitan when she came in--I don't think choir is really her thing.  Haha She's a good sport though.  I also found the next song that the family should learn and sing! Maybe you could all take the opportunity to learn it when you're in Dallas for the wedding! It's called Come Unto Christ, and I think it's a Sally Deford piece.  It's beautiful.
   Also, a couple weeks into the rehearsals, one of the songs they were planning on fell through.  I was subsequently volun-told to do a solo.  I will be singing the family favorite "For Me Alone."  I'm super nervous, especially because I don't really know if it's fitting for Sacrament Meeting, but the director liked it, so there you go.
   I love hearing about all the adventures that you are having.  I especially loved Mom's description of the Opera she went to--mainly because I could hear her singing "Figaro, Figaro, Fiiiiiigarooooooo!"  Good times.  I also loved hearing that you are treating the Sister Missionaries well in your ward! Make your home one that they can always come for a drink of water if they've been walking for 10 miles in the heat.  You need at least one of those houses in every neighborhood!
   Well life is great! I still love being a missionary.  It never gets dull. 
Sister Pratt
I found this written in chalk on the sidewalk.  Pretty hilarious!

We met a pretty cool bird.

I think my new companion Sister Capitan was a little nervous.

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