Monday, March 10, 2014

"Stupid Songs in Primary get Solos"

   This was just a funny quote from last week.  Sister Hatch and I were asked to do Sharing Time in Primary, and we decided to stay for the singing! One of the kids yelled out, "That's a stupid song."  This was the Chorister's response... pretty great, I think.  Also, the Primary kids sang in both wards yesterday, which totally made up for any misery that Daylight Savings brought about.
   I'm really excited for the March Challenge!! I already know what I'm giving up because I had already decided to do it--now I just have extra motivation! I'm giving up buying fast food.  No more drive-thrus or Taco Bell runs or any of that.  Now, I did put the clarification "buying fast food" because sometimes people take us out to dinner, and I don't want to have to refuse them, so if someone else gets it for me, I'm ok. I can't, however, buy any for myself.  I know it will make me feel better and help me be less lazy.  
  I was also so touched to hear about Grandma's temple recommend story.  I know that it wasn't a coincidence--things never are!! That is something that she really would have cared about, and I wouldn't be surprised to know if that's what she was waiting for in her coma.  I'm so grateful that the family could be together at the funeral to support each other at this time.  I hope you all know how strongly I know that Families are joined for the eternities.  I also hope you all know how happy I am to be stuck with you forever. :) 
   Well, as far as news from this end, Sister H and I had another baptism this past weekend! (sort of)  I don't know if I ever told you about Olivia, but we got her as a referral, and we went and got to know her really well and taught her.  However, because she was a YSA, she wasn't technically in our ward, so we let the Elders finish teaching her.  Anyway, she got baptized this past Saturday, and Sister H and I were able to go and support her in that.  It was great.  We love her so much!  She's a beautiful daughter of God.
   I have gained a greater testimony of the adversary this week. I know it sounds weird, but I have seen his influence and his power over some people we are working with.  It's kind of reassuring, though, because I know it is NOTHING to the power of God.  He is the real Master in our lives if we let Him be.  There is no reason why we should let Satan take control.  I also thought it was interesting that the March challenge is about overcoming addictions because that goes along the same lines of what I have been thinking about the past week.  Let God take control. Even if your goal isn't necessarily spiritual, we can still use His power to get us there.  The Atonement gives us the power to CHANGE! That includes breaking bad habits.  Anyway, that's my thought for the week.
   I love you all--even if you don't read my blog. I still love you :)
Hay que tener fe!
Sister Pratt
This is after Olivia's baptism.  She's so special.  The other girl with the long straight hair is Tess.  She was Olivia's main friend, and she just got her mission call to Peru!!!  Exciting stuff.

This is Olivia with the Elders.  The ones on either side of her are the ones that actually taught her...and the other Elders just jumped in the picture for some reason.


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