Saturday, March 8, 2014

Letter from Sister H_______

Hey Pratt Family,
     I'm currently serving with THE SISTER PRATT and let me just say how awesome it has been.  Truthfully its been one of the most interesting transfers I've had so far.  From people trying to set her up with their sons or trying to find a "good" way to ride bikes in a skirt.  It's the best!
     Sister Pratt is one of the funniest people I've ever met.  It's great to watch her conversations with Brother M____.  They both just give each other a lot of guff about everything...
     Sister Pratt is also just on a level that I can only dream of being...   I'm glad I have companions like her.  To pick up where I lack.  She has a very firm testimony and can reach some people I cannot.  The Lord knows she was sorely needed in this area.  I swear, she has connections with everyone.  I'm sure she's told you.  It's insane how she can make an actual connection with almost EVERYONE!  It's a small world.
   Well, I thought I would write and let you know what a wonderful sister you have sent out!  I will always remember the things I have learned from her and her wonderful ideas that we start. haha.   Sister H_______

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