Monday, January 6, 2014

This Week!

   This past week was pretty good! We worked really hard, and filled up 1 1/2 progress records for each ward.  If you don't know what a progress record is, we just fill out a form with everyone that we talked to about the church.  Usually we barely get one the back side of the page, so this week was pretty busy! I love talking to people, and although most don't want to talk to us, they're pretty nice! It is kind of weird, though, having someone dislike you before they even meet you. I don't think I've ever had an experience like that before, but it probably won't be the last.  
   One day, we met a particularly rude person, and I started to let it get to me for a while.  Then, I realized, this isn't even CLOSE to what the Savior must have felt.  So many people hated and despised him before he even said 2 words.  He was betrayed by one of his closest followers and denied by one of his dearest friends.  He did this so that he can help and support us when we feel that no one else cares.  
   Sister Chen and I have been serving this disabled lady in one of our wards.  Last night, she expressed to us that she didn't understand why Christ had to be alone and abandoned.  We were able to testify that because He suffered the most exquisite pain--emotional and physical--for us, He can empathize with us in our every hour of need.  He knows exactly how we feel, and he has the ability to help us overcome each trial and hardship that we face.  I know that this is true because I have felt His comfort and peace.
   This week we actually got to go on exchanges! It was basically my first real one because the other 2 were either when I was sick, or I was with my MTC companion.  For this exchange, Sister Chen went to Star, and Sister Maness came to Meridian with me. This is her first transfer, so we're both rather new. We had so much fun, and the funniest/craziest things kept happening to us. We couldn't stop laughing at some of them.
   Well, I think that's basically it for this week! Keep the pictures coming!
Sister Pratt
 P-day trying on ridiculous things at the Mall
 Pet peeve--Lone stars in Idaho?

I never thought a rat was cute before

I guess someone flattened the sign at the mission office.

Sister Chen and I have our suspicions about who it was.

found a dead bird

met a cool lizard
I ate this at a Chinese restaurant...took 5 min. to chew...gross
Jack in the Box coupons...what what

Sometimes Sister Chen can't find a bobby pin

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