Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Get Ready for a Confusing Explanation!

  So.... Normally I email on Mondays because they are my P-day. However, this week, my district gets to go to the temple!  They want us to attend the temple on our Preparation days, but the temple is closed on Monday, so we had to change our p-day to Friday.  I wasn't going to be able to write anyone until Friday. However, today we are doing Leadership Exchanges, so basically I am in someone else's area.  They were supposed to email yesterday, too, but the libraries were closed for MLK, so we're emailing now. I didn't know we would be emailing, so I didn't bring pictures or anything to write about... I'll probably do that on Friday if we email again. Anyway, I warned that it would be confusing.  I don't even know if that explanation was necessary, but oh well.
   Now: My new area! It's called Boise East, and it is absolutely gorgeous.  It's the only place in the mission that actually has a view (I'll send pics eventually) because we're right up against some of the mountains.  One of our wards is called Oregon Trail, and it actually has remnants of the original trail in it.  Sister H and I are going to go hike them sometime within the next 5 weeks.  I love the area, and the people are so wonderful.
   Sister H is great, too! She is such a hard worker, and we have so much in common! Just to give you a small glimpse of our friendship, she has actually seen the film "Thief and the Cobbler". I know. It's crazy.  We sing all the same songs and love all the same things. One really interesting thing about Sister H is that she has a stutter. I admire her faith so much for coming out here to share her beliefs despite her challenges talking to people.  I've also been able to learn a lot about patience and love.  I know that this companionship will help both of us grow and learn.
   Another thing exciting this week, is we were able to set a baptismal date for Jeffery, a 10 year old boy who LOVES the Gospel.  His parents were hesitant to let him be baptized because they wanted him to know what a big commitment it was and understand fully the covenants he was going to make.  However, they've finally realized that he is ready.  He is such a smart boy! He seems to understand everything we talk about, and I'm so excited for him.
   Last but not least: Birthday Memories!!! Sorry I've been slacking on them, but better late than never, right?
  Foster: I remember one night I decided to share the bed with you on the bottom bunk.  Halfway through the night, though, you kicked me (literally kicked me) off the bed! I was so confused--probably because it was like 2 am--but I just went back to sleep. In the morning I asked you about your dream, and you said that you were running away from the cops! 
  Kaitlin: There's one memory that I really want to share, but I swore not to ;)... so I'll have to think of a different one.  I remember your hospitality when we came to stay with you for Spring Break. You were so accommodating, and you even offered to sleep on the floor, so Robin and I could both have beds.
  Jeanette: I remember when Jeanette broke her collar bone. You had to have your arm in a sling for a while, and I remember you sitting on the couch and Grandma & Grandpa's house.  I went over and sat next to you, and we talked for a long time. I asked you about Matt, and you told me how much you loved him.  I remember being so happy that you would talk to me about something so personal. You didn't treat me like a little sister, but you talked to me like a friend, and it made a big impact on me and really made me feel loved.
That's all for this week! Sorry there aren't any pictures
Sister Pratt
Fun times in the car!

First day with my new companion.

I know this looks bad...but it's hot chocolate-  I promise!

I forgot my name tag one day so I wore this piece of paper to District Meeting.  Classy.

We went to Mongolian BBQ and yes, I quoted Mulan 20 times.  Anyway, this was the fortune I got.  Interpret it as you will.

 View of Boise Valley-so GORGEOUS!  Pictures do not do it justice.
We're right up against the hills.  Want to go hiking all the time!

I've been so camera happy this week, it isn't even funny!

Night time!

At one house there was a box of vintage hats and jewelry.  Of course we had to try some on!

This is my companion, Sister Hatch.

Funny doormat that we saw!

This is the dad of the family we live with dressed in Sunday casual.

I went on exchanges with these lovely ladies, Sister Austin and Sister Tauiliili.  So much fun!

Old fashioned telephone sets.  cool stuff.

We should make this for our family!

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