Monday, November 4, 2013


  I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!! This week has been kind of slow, but the Church is still true, and it can still change lives!! Not only do I see it in my own life and those of my companions,  but I see it in the lives of members and everyone we talk to.  I know that we are all so different, and God gives us all different challenges... but the Gospel can help all of us!  No matter what we have going on, we can utilize the Atonement to become stronger.
  Anyway, this past week, like I said, was slow with teaching, but we got to do a lot of service.  Actually, the lady we live with, asked if we would help her go pick grapes, so she could make grape juice.   Best decision of our lives.  It was so fun, and it smelled so good!! 
  Sister Chen got me back for the chair stunt this week, too.  She took a lint roller and rolled it over my hair. OUCH! Also, it was in church, so I couldn't do anything to get her back. Well, played, Sister Chen... well played.
  I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! But the time was cut short today.. so this is all I have.  Hopefully I will have time this week to write you all.  To those who I asked for addresses, Mom gave them to me... so no worries.  Except Foster... you aren't off the hook.  I still need yours.
Sister Elizabeth Pratt

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