Monday, November 11, 2013


 I think I'm gonna choose a "word of the week" to use as the subject line. This one is just a funny thing that Sis Thompson says all the time. It's my favorite.
  Wow. Let's see. What happened this week?
   We got to do some family history work! It was awesome. I fell in love with it. Among other things, I found a picture of Grandpa Edwards singing in a choir! Wow. One of our investigators, Yvonne, is going to come get started on her genealogy this week! We're happy for her :)
   I absolutely LOVE everyone in my District.  We are actually practicing for a musical number for Zone Conference, so we get to see each other more than usual. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to spend time with others who are dedicating their lives to the same principles as I am!! Also, I heard something in the MTC about your sense of humor changing when you're a missionary... it's really true. My companions and I will just crack up for like half an hour about the weirdest things, but I love it.
   One family that we spend a lot of time with is the Carey's.  The mom has diebetes, and the inlaws are living with them along with an adopted sister and her 3 year old child.  Sometimes we go over there to help her clean and straighten when everything gets too overwhelming.  Anyway, guess what Sister Carey's favorite movie is.  The Man from Snowy River. I was so happy.  I almost consider it a tender mercy.  We get to quote it all the time together, and she actually named her daughter Jessica after the main girl!  She doesn't have horses right now, but they have land, and she's hoping they'll be able to afford some horses in a year or two.  She invited us to come back after the missions and go riding with her--amazing!! My companions and I actually are starting to compile a list of activities we need to do when we come back for the Meridian Temple dedication in a couple years. Right now the list includes horseback riding, attending the temple (obviously), going to the water park, going to see a movie, etc.  It grows every week!
   Another crazy thing that happened this week was Conjunctivitis (pick eye). Sister Thompson was plagued by it for a lot of the week.  It was obnoxious because we could still work, but people don't want to visit with us when we have a contagious infection, so we had to stay home a little anyway. Frustrating. Between that and training meetings, we got to do almost no teaching! Oh well, it was still a pretty good week.
   Saturday, we did a TON of service, there were people moving, getting married, doing yard work, raking leaves.. so we had a lot to help with! The good thing was, it was super warm! I was in a t-shirt pulling weeds when the mail came, bringing gloves from mom. I'm sure I will need them very soon, but it was just ironic because the weather was so nice.
   FUNNY STORY: On Sunday, an investigator came to church, and she really wanted to go to the marriage and family class. We didn't want her to be alone, so we decided to go with her. Worst decision. Ever. Basically, the lesson was all about "rekindling the flame" with your spouse. Awk.  It was pretty bad. 
   Anyway, that's my week. I'm sure there will be more spiritual experiences next time! The church is true, and it has the power to change lives!
   Sister Pratt


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