Monday, October 28, 2013

My First Week!

Wow. I'll tell you what--WOW! (What movie?)
   This week has been AWESOME! I love Sister Thompson and Sister Chen.  At first, I was a little skeptical... not gonna lie.  When we went door contacting the very first day, they didn't say much, and I was a little worried.  When we got to our area, however, I realized why.  We don't ever tract. Ever.  There is so much work to be done here! The members are so enthusiastic about sharing the gospel.  It amazes me all the time. 
   So to all of you at home---Get on it! Help your missionaries out! Let them know that they can come to you for referrals or service! Seriously. Get the missionaries' phone number and CALL THEM.  Ask them to rake your lawn or SOMETHING.  Keep them busy.  Think of anyone you know that wouldn't slam the door in their face, and have their address handy. Missionaries are so ready to teach people, but we don't know every non-member in the area, and we definitely can't tell which ones will reject us.
   Ok. I'll step down from my soap box now.  This week was awesome.  Sister Chen is still learning English, so we have a blast teaching her. Language study might be my favorite hour of the day!  Sister Thompson and I have started by teaching her all the words in like children's songs (In a little cottage by the wood.. a little old man by the window stood).  Also, throughout the day, we have a sheet of paper that we write and define all the words she doesn't understand.  She is getting so much better!
   Sister Chen and I also get along so well! Sometimes we feel like Sister Thompson is our mom because she has to keep us settled down and focused.  Last night, I was going to braid Sis Chen's hair, but right as she was sitting down, I pulled the chair out from under her, and she went sprawling!! She tried to chase me down, but we were laughing so hard we couldn't move.  Sister Thompson had the District Leader on speaker phone, and she just rolled her eyes at us.  She's a saint for putting up with all our shenanigans.  She's super funny, too.  We're always laughing and having a good time.
   This past week we had SUCH a neat experience.  We were going around visiting some members, and Sis Thompson decided we should walk a couple streets over to visit a part member family (pmf).  Well... about 15 minutes later, we couldn't find the street they lived on! It had just about disappeared! I was exasperated because I thought we had wasted all this time and energy.  I basically told Sis Thompson that we needed to find someone to talk to, so this trip would be worthwhile.  She remembered that a member lived just a block away, so we went to visit her.  We ended up being an answer to this Sister's prayer! Her dad had died recently, and her house/property was a mess.  One of her neighbors actually called the cops about it! She was so embarrassed and had no idea how she was going to get everything done and organized.  She was praying for help, and then, we showed up!!  She was SO HAPPY! So were we! We are going over to her house this week to help clean up.  I was definitely put in my place by the Lord.  He is in charge, and he is going to put us where we need to be if we are obedient!
   Those were the highlights... and our car died. That was kind of exciting.  It's running now, but we still have to take it to a shop sometime this week.  I love you all so much!!!! Can't wait to hear all about your missionary experiences!
SEND PICTURES OF YOURSELVES!! Whenever someone finds out that I have 10 siblings, they all want to see pictures, but I don't have any!!
Parklin: I totally found Elder Methvin at the airport on our way here! He's pretty cool.
Sister Pratt
Made it!

Hot Pockets volleyball team

Our Study Desk

Her name is Posche.  She lives in our house

Sister C

Sister T

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