Thursday, October 24, 2013

I'M IN IDAHO! Current Contact info

I love it here. The weather is BEAUTIFUL. I seriously couldn't have asked for anything more.
I don't have much time, so I'll just do highlights of this week!
Elder Oaks came to visit at the MTC! He gave such a  wonderful talk and his wife talked too!
The Elders/teachers of our district in the MTC did a push-up contest. It was HILARIOUS.
I saw Derrick Asay during in field orientation on thursday! :)
We had a volleyball team called the Hot Pockets... undefeated. awesome.
We watched Legacy! It was probably the most chick-flick I'm gonna get in the next 18 months so I enjoyed it.
So yesterday right off the plane they had us go tracting with some missionaries, and it was super fun!! Today, when I was assigned to my companions, they turned out to be the same ones I had already worked with! They are awesome and I already love them.  Their names are Sister Chen and Sister Thompson.  Sister T is from Texas!  And Sister C is from Taiwan.  Super cool! They're such good trainers, and we are good about pumping each other up for the work. 
Also, Sister Chen has the Tribute to Joseph Smith cd! We listened to it on the way here.  It was such a trip down memory lane.  Where did that cd end up anyway...........Foster...? Haha Kidding. Well I love you all so much!!
I don't hav3 time for pics today, and I don't have time to go through and edit, so I'm sorry for any mistakes I've made.
I Love You!!
Sister Pratt
P.S. My new address that I'll be at for at least 6 weeks is:
1388 W. Crestwood Dr.
Meridian, ID 83642

Here is Sister Pratt's mission home address.  Since you never really know for sure when transfers are, it is safer to send mail directly to the Mission Office to avoid delay or loss that could occur during missionary transfers.  But if you want to get there super fast, you can send it directly to the address above.

Sister Elizabeth Pratt
1111 South Cole Road
Boise, Idaho 83709
Phone #1-208-343-9883

*All packages sent to the mission home should be sent by Priority or First Class Mail so that they can be forwarded.  Other types of mailing, Parcel Post, UPS, Fed Ex or DHL need to be send directly to the missionary's apartment address, which Sister Pratt just posted in her letter.

Sister Lizzy's Mission President Elder and Sister Winder

Sister Pratt, Sister Chen and Sister T with the Winders

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