Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Letter from the MTC!

I love you all so much, but more importantly, I love the Lord! I have prayed more in the past 6 days that I ever have before, and it is wonderful. I can't even describe the spirit that is on this campus. It overwhelms me all the time.  My district also, is so cool! We have the best zone ever.  

I also have the best companion ever, and we are learning new things about each other everyday. Last night we found out that we share an undying love for the Scarlet Pimpernel!!!!! It was basically the best part of my week. Beside the time when our teacher growled at us.... but that's another story..... Sister Emmett (yes, I think about Emmett all the time) is from Liberty, MO! So she basically lives down the street from Liberty Jail. SO COOL!

For all those who haven't heard, Sister Emmett and I have been called as Sister Training Leaders. It sounds a lot cooler than it is. We just love the girls and interview them every once in a while, but we love it! It has strengthened our companionship so much.  The other two sisters in our district are HILARIOUS! We basically have the time of our lives every time we're together. Their names are Sister Muaina and Sister Christofferson (distant relation of the apostle).  The crazy thing is, though, that they are going to Lubbock, TX on their missions! In fact, Sis E and I are the only ones in our district going to Boise.  The others are all going back to Tejas.

I absolutely love our teachers SO MUCH! They just know exactly what to say all the time whenever we're doing role plays or just in class. They are Brother Frost and Blatter. They both recently got off their missions, and they are on FIRE!  I wish I had a picture of them to send, but they are never at class together...

THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!! I'm learning more than I ever thought I could. We just got back from the temple, actually, and it was probably the best experience I've had! Everything is just so much better here. I don't know how. It's crazy.

Thanks for all of the pictures! They help more than anything for me to feel in touch! I seriously cannot handle Emmett's new face. I feel like he's growing up so much already. Also, I really enjoy dearelder.com so I can hear from you in between p-days.  I'm pretty sure my box number is 922, but I think the whole address is somewhere on this blog anyway.  Thanks for the package, too! The little sign "Don't count the days, make every day count" was in our classroom for a couple of days to lift everyone's spirits.  I also REALLY appreciated the peanut butter crackers...

Something kinda crazy that happened was Sis E and I arrived in a meeting and I looked down to see the back of my heel bleeding! I was really confused until I realized that my feet/legs were numb, so I didn't feel my skin completely rubbing off... so that's something I'm trying to deal with right now. I don't mind it because normally my feel are numb, but it's bothersome that I keep getting blood on my shoe. Bummer.

Parklin: Thanks so much for all of your advice! I passed on the bagel and jello tips to my zone. They were quite appreciative. :)

Robin and Foster: So jealous about Nathan Pacheco! I love his concerts so much, and I actually found an Elder here that is also a big fan!  We kind of flipped out.

Crooke: Tell Hannah I said congrats, and I really like the name they picked out :)

Love you all!!!

Sister Pratt
Sisters in my Zone-Purple p-day

Sister Emmett

Sister Muiana

Sister Christofferson

gym time!

Love these socks!

Awesome Elders refuse to get picture taken
MTC Teachers--Loved them!

grass angels

A Texas License Plate,  YES!!!

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