Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Well...at least I'm still alive!!!

This is Valentine. She's a great dane! We love her so much.  She is seriously so big that she can just sit on the couch with her front paws still touching the floor.

This was our art project this week. We found a HUGE box and decided to make it look like an Elder :)

Idaho City! They have a Sasprilla Ice Cream shop and it is GOOOOO-OOOD

Another thing Idaho City has is.......... LOTS of snow.

hehe we were in Jail

I found my home! It's called the "Pest House"

I don't think this picture really deserves an explanation.....

Bikes, the worst.

   Apparently Dad isn't the only one that had some excitement this week! Although, I never had to go to the doctor or anything.  This week, we had mileage cuts throughout the mission, so Sister Hatch and I decided to try biking... in skirts.... not the best idea. Everything was going swimmingly until I hit a speed-bump the wrong way and totally biffed it! Good thing I was wearing a helmet, so the damage wasn't extensive, and I didn't even get a rip in my tights!!  Even with the biking, though, I don't think I could have gotten more than 10 miles.  
   Then, on Saturday night, I decided to get in a fight with a slab of granite. Weapon of choice? My skull.  Haha I never thought I was one to be accident prone, but this week proved me wrong! The Miranda's thought I had a concussion for a little bit, but the headache got better, not worse, and I made it through with a good night's sleep.
   Valentine's Day was fun, and Yes, mom, I DID get your package, and it made me so happy!! I also got Jeanette's package in the mail, and I was so touched by both of them. In fact, I thought it was so special, that the family I live with felt bad for not getting their missionary something for Valentine's Day. I tried to explain to them that it was sort of a family tradition, but they promptly went out and bought their son some candy and stuff. It was funny.  Something else we did for Valentine's Day was make a bucket-load of cookies and bring them to basically all the less-actives in the ward. Some people just need to know that they are wanted at church.  Sister Hatch always says that we need to "love them back."
   HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN!! I was totally pumped to be able to email you on your Bday, but I didn't count on it being a Holiday. Bummer. I can't even think of a memory--there are too many. I remember one time at BYU, you and I were lying down in the hallway of my dorm, quoting Emperor's New Groove and laughing our heads off!! I think over the years, being kind of isolated from the rest of the family by a sea of boys, we have developed our own language that emerges when we're together for a while.  Anyway, I love you!!
   Yesterday, for President's day, the Miranda's didn't have school or work, so they took us on a road trip to Idaho City! There are pictures to come, but it was just basically super fun :)
   In other news, I've decided that I'm going to learn Spanish. Living in a house full of Spanish speakers is getting to me! I want to be in on all their jokes! Haha, so I started reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish, but it's not doing a whole lot of good because most of the words I don't know are obsolete anyway. Bummer. 
   This week I've been thinking a lot about my missionary work (or lack thereof) before my mission.  As I look back on my life and especially high school, I know that I wasn't prepared to help those people who were put in my path. I wish I had had enough courage to see their readiness to hear the Gospel.  I know with an intense surety that there are people--not just one or two, but many--that are put in each of our lives to have to opportunity to accept God's word.  The trick is just listening to the Spirit as it prompts you to share.  I would encourage each of you to simply be more sensitive to the opportunities that are ALREADY THERE. We pray for opportunities to share the Gospel, but I know that the Lord has already put them in our path! Sometimes we just don't see them.  
   Doctrine and Covenants 4 talks about the field being "white already to harvest," not "brown already to plant seeds."  We need to trust that God has done his part in preparing and softening the hearts of His children to hear the word.  Now we need to do our part by sharing the simple truths that we know to have blessed our lives.
Love you all dearly,
Sister Pratt

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