Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My First Baptism!

  I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures. I'll see if I can't possibly get them to you later in the week.  Jeffrey C_____ was baptized last Saturday! He is the little 10 year old boy I mentioned earlier. I'm not sure how much I told you about him, but he is the brightest 10 year old I know. He gets it. He has such a strong testimony of his Father in Heaven, and his prayers are so sincere. Many times, we've tried to ask him rhetorical questions, but he would just answer them with his knowledge of simple truths.  His mom is actually a recent convert of about 5 years and is almost completely blind. At first, the parents wanted to wait for Jeffrey to be baptized because they wanted him to know everything about the Gospel of Jesus Christ before-hand. However, as her condition has worsened, they realized that waiting might actually prevent her from being able to see the ordinance performed. They know now that everything is a learning process and that Jeffrey's learning of the Gospel will be enhanced as he is accompanied by the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  It was such a powerful experience to see all of their lives changed by the faith of this little boy.  
  Sorry this letter is unbearably short this week. I might just write a hard letter for mom to type up on the blog.... Don't hold me to that, though. I don't get much more time to write letters than I do emails!
  Love always,
Sister Pratt

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