Monday, July 21, 2014

I Finally Feel Like A True Missionary

   I have earned my right of passage. I am officially a real missionary. I don't know if any of you could even guess what happened to me yesterday......
or if you did guess, you'd probably be kidding. I got bit by a dog!! I know, right? It was crazy! I can laugh about it now because we know that I'll probably keep my finger and not die or anything, but at the time, I was freaking out! The dog has had all of it's shots and everything, so now it's just a waiting game to see if my finger gets infected or not. It shouldn't......
   Other than that, this week was pretty eventful! We had Leadership Exchanges (basically the whole mission is on exchanges for a day), and I learned so much!  I was with Sister Broberg (who is amazing) in the YSA ward (which was crazy fun).  For some reason, during Leadership Exchanges, miracles always happen. It's always SUCH a learning experience. I feel like I caught a glimpse of the missionary I could be, and now I am working harder than ever to realize that potential within myself. It's a good time.
   We also helped a recent convert to move and clean her outside windows. We are basically professionals, now. Sister Kingsolver almost died trying to get off the roof, but it turned out alright.
   That was basically my week! I hope you all are safe and happy.
Sister Pratt
One of my comps gave me a Winnie the Pooh bandaid to go over my other one to make me feel even better!

This is an awesome bumper sticker I saw

D&C 4:1

 window washing

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