Thursday, September 4, 2014

Big Weekend! (written 8/25/2014)

 Wow! Wow! Wow! I'm gonna try to fit everything in, but I really don't have a ton of time, and this week was insane! 
   The first big thing that happened this week was the funeral for the little handicapped girl, Erin Haney. We wanted to help as much as we could, but we still didn't really know the family that well because they had just moved into our area from the split.  They are such a wonderful family.  We ended up helping laminate, cut, and tie ribbons on these little bookmarks to hand out at the service.  It had a poem on it that was really gorgeous, written by the mother. I don't have it with me, though, so maybe I'll send it next week. The funeral was gorgeous and there were so many people there to celebrate the short 7 years of this little girl's life. Despite all the tears, the talks were faith-filled and hopeful for the future. They were able to share sweet and funny stories.  It truly was a celebration of her life.
   Most of the week, we have been preparing for the Meridian Temple ground-breaking ceremony that is happening in our stake! It was so busy and so much fun. I loved it.  The dedication happened on Saturday morning, and Elder Bednar came. We weren't able to go to the actual site, but we watched the broadcast at our stake center. The Spirit was so powerful during the whole meeting, and I was touched to hear over and over again of the faithfulness of the saints that is allowing this temple to be build.  The most powerful part was hearing an Apostle of Jesus Christ testify of our Savior's divinity and reality.  My testimony was strengthened as I heard that witness, as it is every time I have the privilege of hearing our priesthood leaders.  Elder Kent F. Richards of the 70 was also at the meeting, and he joined us for our Stake Conference this weekend, as well.
   The adult session Saturday night was the most interactive, interesting church meeting I have ever been to.  It was a true example of following the Spirit. Apparently, Elder Richards told the Stake President that he would be speaking that evening, so half-way through Elder Richards' talk, he turned the time over to President Firmage for about 1/2 an hour.  Then, President Firmage just started calling people up from the audience, randomly.  They would stand up next to the podium with their own microphone, and he just asked them questions about their experiences with missionary work.  He called up a Ward Mission Leader and few recent converts--one of which, Margi, is a 70 year old black lady from Florida.  She was so great. She talked and talked and bore her testimony so powerfully and made us all laugh so much.  She was quite the dynamic speaker.  Another convert was able to talk about his experience with family history, and the topics took a turn in that direction. We watched this super cheesy church video that I'm now obsessed with! 
You all should watch it. Careful, though... it's catchy.
   Well, I'm out of time! I just loved this weekend so much. It was a spiritually packed time, for sure. I want you all to know that I love my Redeemer, and my love for Him grows every day.
Sister Pratt
We found this random swiss army wrench.  Anyone know what this is used for?  Please enlighten me.

This lady just sold her car and was showing us her money.  It was hilarious.

This is the CUTEST puppy I've ever seen. 

It was just running around the yard forever.

We were helping this lady organize her books and we found this one, from 1966.  Pretty cool!  Mom and Dad do you remember it?

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